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  • Title of this art piece: “Brones”

  • Made with watercolor, acrylic paint, and house paint.

  • Shirts, stickers, and notebooks with this art piece will be available on my website 2/25/22

  • Original painting sold for $300 

  • Original painting featured a handmade wood frame made by Erica (me)

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 Brones Erixaart LLC Erixaart Erixa art

How long did this painting take to complete? Being that I made the frame and wood panel/canvas- that added a good chunk of time. It took me a month to finish but I wasn’t working on it everyday. 

What inspired you to paint this? A person reached out to me and asked if I could do a custom painting for them. I don’t usually do custom paintings/requests because sometimes the person’s vision of what they want doesn’t match my painting style as an artist. This person was very familiar with my work and understood the painting would be in my artistic style- so I agreed. They had a reference photo for me and I translated it into a unique Erixaart painting. 

Are you happy with the results? Yes, this painting is one of my new favorites. I am also in love with the name I gave it- “Brones”. Why is that such an awesome name? I think it fits well with the painting! 

Why is the art piece named “Brones”? I first thought of combining the words “bones” and “rose”. As I was talking and trying to see how they would fit, I said the word “Brones”. I loved how it sounded but didn’t know what it meant. So, of course I had to Google it. According to Google: Brone (with no “s”) is a real name and it is of Irish origin meaning “sorrowful”. All my creepy face artwork is about challenging preconceptions and I thought the sorrowful/sad feeling fit very much with my experiences of people judging who I was based off of their preconceptions of me. So the name Brones stayed (and I love it). 


Erixaart unique art sticker with yellow decor plant

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