Upcoming Events With the Bus


Accepting cash and card in the Erixaart Mobile Shop for all events!

June 25th 5pm-9pm 2919 E Grant Rd Tucson, AZ 85716


Read more about the bus herehttps://erixaart.com/blogs/erixaart-mobile-shop/about-the-bus-erixaart-mobile-shop-tucson-az

Learn about products used for the bus build and maintenance here: https://erixaart.com/blogs/erixaart-mobile-shop/bus-maintenance-and-build-details

Shop the bus online here: https://erixaart.com/collections/shop-the-bus-online


Erixaart school bus, white school bus, Tucson, AZ mobile shop.

A school bus converted into a mobile shop in Tucson, AZ. Erixaart sells abstract art that encourages uniqueness and individuality. Erica Cantua’s school bus is 20ft long and customers can walk inside to shop all the unique items she has for sale. She accepts cash and card inside the bus.

Photo of Erica Cantua (owner of Erixaart LLC) wearing black sweater with her absract art on front. Photo taken in her mobile shop which is a school bus converted into a shop. Tucson, AZ

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