Stories & Descriptions

  • "Brones"

      Title of this art piece: “Brones” Made with watercolor, acrylic paint, and house paint. Shirts, stickers, and notebooks with this art ...
  • If I Were a Man in the Business World | Story for the Painting "Karma"

    It takes strength to not let these parts of being a woman detour my route to success. It takes strength to not question my dreams because of obstacles I can’t control. But I have that strength and I show up every day with it.

    Painting creepy faces were and still is my outlet for expressing my feelings of wanting to challenge preconceptions. The importance of challenging them is not only to send...

  • "SOL" Collab Story Explained

    Transparency is something I try my best to implement into my business. It can get tricky in some situations. For example, deciding to NOT hide wher...
  • Artist's Statement

    Want to know the meaning behind my art? Check out my artist's statement!
  • Woman on the Moon

    Answering commonly asked questions about this piece and giving more behind the scenes!
  • "33 Years Old"

    Q: What made you decide to paint this? A: Someone messaged me on instagram asking if I could paint a portrait of Nipsey Hussle for them. I repli...