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  • TruLocal & Erixaart Partnership Information

    What is TruLocal? TruLocal is a new e-commerce marketplace that focuses on helping small businesses. Think of it like Amazon, but it is all local ...
  • Sizing Charts

    Want to make sure our clothing fits before you buy it? Check out our easy-to-read sizing chart!
  • First-Time Customer Handbook

    We thought there should be one place for new customers to get all of the necessary information instead of bouncing around from page to page on our website. So, welcome to just that! Erixaart’s First-Time Customer Handbook! We hope to provide you with all the answers to your questions and MORE. 
  • About Erica Cantua

    This is the artist behind the paintings! Meet me, Erica Cantua. In this blog you will see my first paintings, my first business, baby photos, past art projects, and much more!! Click to get to know me! 

  • "SOL" Collab Story Explained

    Hopefully reading about my experience can help you look at what went wrong, how to not make the same mistakes, and to overall have a better experience when collaborating with someone else.

  • Artist's Statement

    Want to know the meaning behind my art? Check out my artist's statement!