"Owl" Men's Loose Fit

"Owl" Men's Loose Fit

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Shirt info: 

  • 100% cotton 
  • Preshrunk 

    Hoodie/ Sweater with kangaroo pocket info: 

    • 50% cotton 50% polyester 
    • Double-lined hood
    • Matching drawstring
    • Pouch pocket 

    Additional information: 

    • HANG DRY
    • All clothes are made-to-order. Please allow time for your order to be properly made :) 
    • Orders will be shipped 1-2 weeks after payment has successfully transferred (this is to eliminate any payment problems)


    This abstract painting started as just an eye. It was supposed to be an elegant piece, but If you know my work, then you know going off course isn’t an unusual thing. When I am painting I like to go with the flow and just let my feelings control the brush. I don’t mean emotions like mad, sad, happy, etc. but the feelings of ‘needing texture’ here or ‘needing more color’ there. You could call these regular paintings skills, but I like to call them feelings because I only get them in the moment of painting the piece, not before when I’m planning it out. The title of this artwork is “Owl”. After finishing, I immediately thought of an owl’s eye and how beautiful their surrounding eye area is. So blended, clean, and rough looking at the same time. To me, the feathered brush strokes around the eye in this painting resemble that. 

    This brought up a memory that I forgot I had. When I was in AP Literature back in high school, I read the book The Great Gatsby. You may be familiar with a character referred to as “Owl Eyes”. He was the first person who saw through Gatsby’s facade. He represents insight. The whole reason I started painting ‘creepy faces’ was that I wanted to challenge the preconceptions I dealt with in my everyday life. Showing that there is way more to a person than just their face. Unlike Gatsby, I did not artificially create my image. And instead of a facade to be seen through, it is preconceptions. It’s rare when I meet new people and can tell they are “Owl Eyes”. They see me for me- not their preconceptions. Oh, what an amazing feeling it is to be seen for the person I am! I don’t think it is a coincidence that this painting turned out the way it did and lead me to this memory. It is a reminder to me that each painting I create is challenging preconceptions and helping people who have the same experiences as me- whether I know it or not.