Dark Coffee Art Shirt Unisex

Dark Coffee Art Shirt Unisex

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Isaac Sanchez is a local musical artist that chose Erixaart to create the visuals for his new song “Dark Coffee”. He wanted the painting to reflect the meaning of the song, but not in too much of a literal way. The lyrics “Have you ever extended your arms to reach for something that you really want and end up knocking it over? Some dark coffee all on the white sofa” clearly explains that sometimes things don’t go as planned! It happens. Taking this message and all of Isaac’s requests into consideration, I (the artist) came up with the idea of having the sunrise (which represents the coming of light, a new day) be in the viewpoint of the driver (Isaac). Symbolizing that he is still headed towards his goals and desires in life despite the little “hiccups” that may happen along the journey. Notice how there is no rearview mirror? While this was a visual choice, it still sends an important message. The rearview mirror is implied by us simply knowing the common design of automobiles. That’s probably why you didn’t notice it until you were looking. The past can be compared to this. It is implied that all of us do have one, but we choose to go forward not giving it much special attention so that we can focus on our future. 

Shop this shirt to support a local musical artist and watercolor artist! 

Click here to listen to the song: 



  • 100% cotton
  • Unisex fit
  • White shirt
  • Not real paint
  • Sizes are accurate
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