Erixaart would like people to know what we as a small business believe in. 



Our products are appropriately priced so that everyone can enjoy art! Along with this, we also have art pieces available in different forms to better fit your interest or lifestyle. For example, if you prefer your clothes to be plain, no worries! We don’t just sell clothes! We have stickers, prints, and magnets available as well! 

Along with our belief that art is for everyone, we respectfully ask for people to not request an “exclusive painting”. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the art piece and connect with it just like you! 



“Growing yourself enables you to grow others”. This is a quote we admire from the book The 15 invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell. 

We believe in growing! We invite other small businesses/people to connect with us on any ideas they have. Even if it just to tell us we should make backpacks or socks! We appreciate the time you took to think about Erixaart. 

We are constantly thinking of ways to improve and workshops are a favorite for Erica Cantua (the artist). She attends free business workshops around town and implements them here. Feel free to message us and ask about these workshops! We want to help you grow too. 



We are proof that a passion can be turned into a business and want to inspire others to do the same. It isn’t easy and you may want to rip out your hair 50 times a day, but the accomplishments are well worth it. Our blog posts provide information to other aspiring artists or people just wanting resources to start their business. While this isn’t our main focus, we hope it can be a stepping stone. In the future, we also hope we can provide even more knowledge through events and such. 



There are many environmental problems businesses can take part in. We decided to focus on reducing post-consumer waste. This is the reason our packaging may not look so luxurious. For example, we no longer include fancy thank you cards but instead write the same personalized message on other packaging supplies that can be recycled.

We are still learning about different ways we can help reduce waste and appreciate everyones understanding. Hopefully we can show other small businesses that it is still possible to make a difference and encourage others to partake in helping the environment any way they can. 

We also hope to make most of our products compliment a zero waste lifestyle. We admire people striving for this goal and want to give you kudos! 



Faces. This is mainly what you will see in my work, but their true personalities remain to be explored. With these faces I wish to have the viewer construct their own opinion and then look into the story behind them, as you would when getting to know a person. Identifying that there is so much more beneath the surface. Hopefully the voices that these paintings have will encourage you to use yours and create a beautiful domino effect.



Other "about" topics: 

About the artist: https://erixaart.com/blogs/personal/about-erixaart