Woman on the Moon

Q: Why did you paint this? A: I randomly get the urge to paint late at night and to "brain dump" my ideas, I started painting. I wasn't sure what I was going to paint, I didn't know if it was going to be an animal, person, or object. I just went with what I felt. 

Q: How long did this painting take to complete? A: It took me about 3-4 hours. I did not go to bed early that is for sure. 

Q: Will you be selling the original? A: No, I prefer to keep my originals. Not only do they have much meaning, but I feel they become more valuable as time goes on. With my abstract paintings that involve texture and gloss... it may be a different story. I still have to ponder over that. 

Q: Why did you add the alien joke at the bottom of the story? This was mainly just for fun. It doesn't relate to the story (other than the space theme going on), but I feel we could all get a little laugh from it. :)

Q: How do you as the artist feel about this painting? A: It was a nice surprise to see what the end results were. Being that I do not practice sketching/painting body figures, I was impressed with how well it turned out. I honestly just like to paint what I feel. I don't like to stress myself out with perfecting every piece. I feel, ‘mistakes' add character to the art. In the end, I was happy while painting this piece and that is all that matters. 

Q: Will you be printing this piece onto shirts? A: Yes! They are available to purchase in the clothing section of my website. Here are the colors currently available! 

Q: Why did you name it "Woman on the Moon"? A: All my paintings are named after they are completely finished. I usually just "get a feeling" of what to name it. It's like it already has a name and I just confirm it. The story that I wrote to it (shown above) came after I titled the piece. I think that might be a different process than normal?

Blick has a really great selection for art supplies and I have yet to be disappointed by my purchases there. 

You can find that watercolor palette on their website: dickblick.com 

I used brushes my parents bought from me at Ross.

For the type of watercolor paper I used... I lost the packaging so I am not sure! I did get it on Blick's website though. Sorry lol! 


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