"33 Years Old"

Q: What made you decide to paint this? A: Someone messaged me on instagram asking if I could paint a portrait of Nipsey Hussle for them. I replied explaining I do not offer commissioned work but I am open to suggestions and if he would like to send some ideas I would be more than happy to save them. About a month passed. I then decided to go out of my comfort zone and paint this portrait. 

Q: How long did this painting take to complete? A: I began working on this May 16th and finished it May 26th. I am not sure exactly how many days it took to complete being that I didn't work on it continuously, but that is the time frame. 

Q: Are you happy with the results? A: Yes, I am proud that I challenged myself with this piece. It took sort of a different mindset to paint- not the typical mindset I use to create my weird/unique faces. 

Q: Will you be selling the original? A: No, I prefer to keep my originals. Not only do they have much meaning, but I feel they become more valuable as time goes on. With my abstract paintings that involve texture and gloss... it may be a different story. I still have to ponder over that. 

Q: Will you be printing this piece onto shirts? A: Yes! They are currently available in the clothing section of my website. I have gotten many requests to print this piece on a black shirt. Unfortunately, I do not have the proper printing equipment to do so. I hope in the future I will! For now, the shirt colors I have available are white, yellow, red, pink, and orange.

Q: Why did you name it "33 Years Old"? A: I wanted to highlight Nipsey Hussle's age when he was killed. Even though he was so young, he still accomplished many wonderful things. Imagine the difference he would have made if he were given 33 more years.


I looked over the images the person sent me and knew they were too detailed and complicated for my painting style preference. I began to search for other images and came across this one down below on instagram.

   I felt more comfortable painting this but I still needed something to help my brain distinguish the shadows and outlines. I found the app "Clip2comic" and transformed that photo into this one below. 

  I then began the challenge! 




Blick has a really great selection for art supplies and I have yet to be disappointed by my purchases there. 

You can find both of those watercolor supplies on their website: dickblick.com

I used brushes my parents bought from me at Ross. They were cheap and one of them actually broke while I was painting this piece.

For the type of watercolor paper I used... I lost the packaging so I am not sure! Sorry lol! 

Q: How did you get the colors to be so opaque? A: I used a very fine tipped brush and minimal water in the pans. I also layered a bit too. I then scanned my piece and edited the contrast as the final touch.

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