Tucson Online Art Gallery!

Welcome Tucson Creatives and Creators! I am so thrilled you will be participating in this online art gallery! Please thoroughly read through this blog post to successfully showcase your work and make the best of this event!



Important dates:



How it will work:

This online art gallery will allow anyone and everyone to view the work you choose to post. This is a really great way to connect with your audience, community, and local creators in this time of social distancing- especially in Arizona. Here are the steps to take to ensure success:


  1. Sign up to receive important emails and updates. This means just entering your name and email so that I (Erica) have the correct information for advertising purposes and to send out important emails or updates to you! You can click here to sign up for this event now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNdtZjiwwALmNNnk_RUfVvOJzbKvmC74A8-mNuUJF4yVouZA/viewform

  2. Sign up with Padlet. This is the platform we will be using to host our Tucson Online Art Gallery. It is important to make an account so that your name shows up along with the art you post. Of course you want people to know YOU CREATED THAT! And it could lead them to your social media or website if you have one! If you do not make an account, your artwork will be posted as “Anonymous”. So sign up here: padlet.com Make sure to select the “free” plan. Please note: your email will be the “name” it shows. If you do not mind your email showing then feel free to use it. Just wanted to mention this incase others weren’t comfortable with the first part of their email address showing. You can also change your name in the "edit profile" section. 

  3. Get to posting. It is super easy to post on padlet.com

    • Simply go to our online gallery link: https://padlet.com/ecan2a/c4ca1a2ij0a4rpdh

    • You should see something that looks like this: 

    • You can post from your phone or your computer. Whichever you prefer this next step is the same. Click this button that will be at the bottom right hand corner of your screen:

    • You now may select media files under 10MB to post. This includes pictures and videos! Yay!

    • You may now add a Title to your piece where it says “Title”. I recommend putting the art piece title AND your name in this section. Example: “Skies” by Erica Cantua

    • Then you can add a description. I suggest a short description of your piece. Please make sure to include your social media info and website if you have one! Other artists will be posting so you want to make sure viewers can find out which piece belongs to you! Here is an example that I did:


    Since I tend to have lengthy stories and decriptions for my art pieces I decided to just make the description short. Of course, each art piece varies. Please feel free to be creative and do what you would like! 

    • You can also post with no photos or videos- just text. Here are some ideas on how to properly use this feature for this art gallery event: 

    • This “text only” feature is NOT meant to JUST promote your social media usernames. You must have something like the examples above. 

    • Post limits: you may only post 7 media files and 3 “text only” posts. I want everyone’s art to be equally seen. 

    • Each post has to be approved. You will see something that looks like this after you post your work: 

    Everything you post and edit will say “Awaiting Approval” before it is actually posted to the website. This feature is not meant to exclude anyone, but to make sure everyone is being kind and random people don’t publish hate messages. 

    • Here are some other examples showing how you can post to promote your work:


    •  Reminder: it is free to post and this event is free for people to attend! Everything is free! I really hope all of you creators get some exposure, sales, and a chance to network! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. My email is ecan2a@comcast.net

    4.  Advertise! In order to help YOU and our fellow visual artists get exposure, everyone will need to advertise this event! Post about it on every platform you have. Tell your family about it. Tell your friends about it. Tell your artist friends to join it! All visual artists are welcome! I will have posts made to promote this event, but if you would like to create your own promotional post I am all for it! Just make sure to include the right information :)



    Additional Information:


    Some questions to help you create a description for your creations:

    • What materials did you use to create this piece?

    • What is this piece about?

    • How long did it take you to complete?

    • Is this one of your favorite pieces?

    • How long have you been creating?

    • Share your social media and website



    Visual art forms include:










    -film making

    -digital art

    -resin art


    How to support your creative friends: 

    Share this event and encourage them to join! Nobody is too young or too old to participate. And just because they do not have a website or official business doesn’t mean they can’t share their art!  This experience will be great and it is free so it doesn’t hurt to AT LEAST try!