Deal or No Deal Kick Off

Erixaart is kicking off the Bleached Shirts Collection with 7 days of deals! A new deal will be posted each day starting 1/25 on our IG story for you to claim. However, you can only claim ONE deal out of the seven and no, you don’t know what will be posted the next day so choose wisely! 


Information & Rules

  • 7 days of deals (starting 1/25)
  • Deals ONLY apply to Bleached Shirts Collection (releasing Feb. 1st)
  • Each deal expires Feb. 3rd at 11:59pm MST
  • One deal will be posted each day. If you decide to claim that deal, that is the only deal you will receive out of the 7 days of deals. 
  • You can not “change your mind” and request a deal later
  • You can not claim “I accidentally pressed No Deal” There will be more deals for you to claim, click accurately
  • To claim a deal: select “Deal” on the poll option 
  • Selecting “No Deal” is encouraged to add more fun and for viewers to see what others think/ how many people chose that deal
  • After you claim a deal: a code will be sent to you through Instagram DM on 1/31



Message from Erica: 


Hey everyone! This Deal or No Deal Kick Off was an idea I have had for a while now, but didn’t know how to implement it into my business. As soon as I decided to make another Bleached Shirts Collection, the ideas connected. I think this is going to be a great way to include some fun into my business/social media! I know as a customer I would be excited to see something new and interactive. 

All of the deals will take place on Instagram only. The “Poll” option is a great tool for me to see who chose what deal and then send it their way! Also, I received a very good question: “Do multiple people get that deal or only one person?” Answer: If there is a Deal for 70% off, multiple people can click “Deal” on the IG Poll. All of those people will get that deal, but that will be the ONLY deal each person receives and will not be able to claim more deals after. It is supposed to be a fun mystery game so just choose wisely! I purposely made it fair for everyone and there will be no surprise deals or offers after. Hope everyone enjoys! If you still have questions about the game please always feel free to message me on Instagram DM ( or email (!