I admire the quote "Supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours". In my efforts to show my appreciation for all the support I have received from other small businesses, creators, artists, etc. I made this networking page. These people have helped me get to where I am right now and I want to highlight their genuine personalities as well as their talents to return the favor. 

I also hope this is used as a resource to connect with other great people. I encourage you to network. I encourage you to grow. Even if they are selling the same product or offering the same service, they are not your competition. Reach out to them if you want to collaborate or ask questions. All of these people are amazing and would love to connect. So let's all reach our goals and aspirations together.

These supportive people have been organized into categories to make it easier to search for a specific service/talent/product. 

I would like to say thank you to everyone on this page. FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT EXPLAINING MORE INTO DEPTH ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS/SERVICE/TALENT/ETC. You can comment other types of businesses you are looking to work with, if you need a certain piece of information to help your business, if you need a model for a certain day, if you are interested in starting a business and need help, if you need volunteers for your non-profit, etc. this is a resource! (other businesses that are NOT on this list may do the same as well but please use this opportunity respectfully and with good intentions! I will not accept rude or meaningless advertisement of businesses that don’t support others.)

Notice: This is NOT an advertisement page. These people did not pay to have their information on my website. This is something I am doing voluntarily because I strongly believe in supporting people that GENUINELY help me and my business grow. Do not contact me inquiring about your business/service being advertised on this page. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • David Tamayo (David does most of the photography for my business, the only photographer who has believed in my business from the beginning by helping me with visuals, genuine, supportive) Instagram:
  • Tylor Blackman (photographer, very nice and supportive, engages with community, good work ethic) Instagram: @tylxr.b_photo Website:
  • Rafael Cubillo Jr. (film director, videographer, supportive, gives feedback, film nerd) Instagram: @rafaelcubillofilms Website:
  • Axel Cantua (photographer, very supportive, engages with community) Instagram: @axsnapss Website:
  • Alexander Ruiz (photographer, supportive, kind, awesome car photos) Instagram: @snvkeyesvisuals
  • Madison LaCross (photographer, met her at my first art show, very nice) Instagram: @smileycarrotproductions

  • YULSH (clothing brand, met owner at a volunteer community cleanup event, very nice) Instagram: @yulshapparel Website:
  • Jasmine (licensed stylist, attended RAW art show, very neat looks presented at that show, supportive) Instagram: @msonecreativedesigns 
  • Brian Dahl (he himself is his business, great at networking, super supportive, involved with community, does multiple business jobs, kind) Instagram: @theguywhodancesatcongress Website:
  • Leo Lashes & Cosmetics (wholesale lash supplier, student nail technician, does podcasts, owner is super nice and supportive, woman-owned, would give good advice to anyone that had questions) Instagram: @leo.lashes Website:
  • Fabiola Bedoya (jewelry maker, loves color, very nice, supportive) Instagram: @fabiicakes Website:
  • Off Topic (t-shirt making business, local work only, owner is super nice, good work ethic, supportive) Instagram: @off_topic45 

  • Gabriella Garcia (supportive, AMAZING art) Instagram: @gabriellag_art 
  • Michael (supportive, awesome art and stickers) Instagram: @artofsteimle

  • Instagram: @nicolemue_ (very supportive, enthusiastic, does many creative makeup looks, always open to networking) 
  • Instagram: @ayegeemua (makeup artist, very supportive, nice, does many bold eyeshadow looks)
  • Instagram: @auspiciousange1 & @_jellycastro (very supportive, does bold eyeshadow looks, does YouTube)  Youtube: auspicious angel

  • Victoria Hope (very kind, supportive, YouTuber, knows her angles, open to other modeling opportunities) Instagram: vicky_the_toria Youtube: Vicky the toria

  • Instagram: @iammarcusisiah (artist, music, good work ethic, very nice and supportive)
  • Instagram: @dtvidz (YouTuber, into health and fitness, very supportive and nice)
  • Instagram: @z__giv (YouTuber, interviews with local rappers/artists/entrepreneurs, supportive)

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